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  • asp:Menu in IE8

    I've been using IE8 Beta 2 since sometime in August. As soon as I had downloaded it, I raced to my sites to see if there were any issues caused by the new browser's strict adherence to standards. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my page and control design, so I didn't expect too many issues. Unfortunately, most of our sites rely on the asp:Menu control to provide navigation. The first thing I noticed was that I could no longer see the Dynamic menu items when hovering over the menu. This is a pretty serious problem because that's the main way users navigate around the site. I did some basic googling and searching on the ASP.NET Forums, and there were quite a number of people with the same problem, but there didn't seem to be an obvious solution.

  • Enforcing TextBox MaxLength with MS AJAX

    If you've ever worked on data-driven webforms, then you know how crucial it is to protect against bad user input. One issue that has plagued me for a while is enforcing the MaxLength property on a TextBox when the TextMode property is set to MultiLine. The default behavior for the TextBox is to render an HTML input tag with its type attribute set to 'text'. When the TextMode is set to MultiLine, the TextBox renders and HTML textarea tag. Unfortunately, the textarea element does not have an attribute named 'maxlength', therefore, you can type whatever you want into it.

  • Eliminating Whitespace in the Page Response

    One of the many features that makes ASP.NET applications so convenient to develop is the ability to mix traditional html (or xhtml) with server controls. What's even more convenient is that the markup that is output by the page preserves the formatting of the source and outputs the control content with (relatively) well formatted markup accordingly. When trying to pinpoint trouble spots, having formatted output makes it easy to read through the page's html output. 

  • My first blog entry

    Alright. So this is my first blog entry. Not sure where to start, but here goes. First off, thanks to Joe Stagner for the chance to get this started. About me - I work for Chainbridge Technologies here in the Washington, DC metro area as a senior software developer. We’re a Microsoft shop focused on selling and providing services for our core software product, SQLDBI. My experience is with data-driven ASP.NET development and associated technologies – XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL Server, so I’ll be focusing my blog on these areas. Hope you enjoy it!