Heartland Developers Conference: The Conclusion;

Well, its Friday night at about 10:30 PM and what am I doing? Sitting on my leather fold-out couch writing a blog entry on dial-up because I didn’t want to pay $9.95 for high-speed internet.

No matter what, its been a great trip, conference, networking experience. I got the pleasure of meeting a rockstar, nay, legend…Sam Gentile, and of course his counterpart & former co-worker Robert Hurlbut. We three (well, Adam was around for dinner & our trip to Barnes & Noble, but dissapeared when we got the hotel to drive us to Starbucks – which Sam, working his thang, got us the ride – yeah Sam!) got to hang out, chill, drink some coffee, and shoot the s***. If you’ve never met Sam, he’s one of those guys that you expect to be super smart, but not that funny, and he’s quite the contrary (now, I’m not saying he’s not smart, I’m saying he’s super funny AND smart). BTW, I got the pleasure (if you can call it a pleasure) to listen to Rocky & Sam have their nice discussion last night for about an hour or so, and let me tell you…I was lost half the time – both of these guys know their s***. Maybe thats why they speak all over the US and are published.

Anyway, I guess I should mention the conference some…It was great. Joe (does he have a blog, and if not, dude should start one up!) did an awesome job with his team to put on a great conference. The venue wasn’t that great, as we were all crammed in conference rooms big enough for 50 (even though they said it seats 75 or something). However, I would expect that future HDC conferences will be 100 times bigger and better. Great work Joe & your team! It was great meeting you all as well, I hope to frag you many (many, many, many) times in Halo 2. Maybe we’ll get Sam to play (ha!).

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