Cool tool: Windows Live Writer Beta 3

Live Writer beta 3 has shipped and... guess what, the bug with "Insert Picture" is finally fixed !!!!! That was long!
I was in touch with members of the dev team at Microsoft since both 2 previous versions, but it wasn't fix yet. So here we go, you can now insert pictures with accents in the path (like C:\users\Hélène\live.jpg), thanks for non-american users...

Note that the installation delete my blogs configuration on my laptop :-( but it worked well on my desktop computer.

For new features list and download link, go to Live Writer Team blog entry :!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1421.entry

Now here are the features I'm going to request to the live team for final version of this great blogging tool :

  1. Import/Export accounts (this is a must have!)
  2. More borders choice for pictures (Drop Shadow, Photopaper, ...) these from Office 12 would be great !!

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