AJAX Control Toolkit now support theming!

This was amazing that all the AJAX Toolkit Controls was not designed to support Theme and Skins !! Most of them are extenders and should respect the idea of decoupling design from behaviours like regular ASP.NET 2.0 controls.
I voted for the issue on early february
and I'm glad to know that this has been processed!
David Anson did the work and checked in support for real ASP.NET Theme/Skin since build 19000 that shipped on march 01, 2007.

Note that this release of the toolkit also brings good things such as localization support and two new controls (ListSearch and SlideShow), along with a number of fixes.

Why am I blogging this ?
The point here is when you find a bug or you would like to add a feature, juste ask for it!
For sure you can modify the source code, BUT I think it is far better to ask for the feature to the dev team, so it will be added to the library and you won't loose your changes on the next update.

How to ask for a feature or report a bug ?
Feel free to add an item in the official issue tracker :
This can be voted by everyone, checked and prioritized by the team and hopefully processed on a futur version.

In the same idea
As you know AJAX Control Toolkit is a free library of controls that are built by both Microsoft and non-Microsoft developers. So you can develop your own control and bring your addition to the library (after validation by Microsoft team)!

Note: In case you wonder I'm not (but maybe one day) part of the AJAX Control Toolkit team.
If you need more informations please go to the official project website:

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