Kenny Kerr

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  • I just don’t get twitter

    I think I’m with Mickey on this one and may never post anything more, but to ensure that nobody confuses me with a few other notorious Kenny Kerr’s out there my twitter account is “kennykerr”.

  • Lenovo Website Blues

    I’ve been dreaming of getting a Lenovo laptop for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dell D630 but it may be time to upgrade soon. What frustrates me is how bad the Lenovo website experience is. Take the very appealing new T400s’ customization page:

  • On the move again

    Our house is now officially on the market. Anyone want to live in Tonbridge in Kent? We’re on our way back to Ontario in Canada after two years in England. This will be our last move!

    In other news there have been some hiccups with scheduling at MSDN Magazine. My next article, on Direct2D again, will now appear in the September 2009 issue. I’ve also just finished another really fun article on the new Windows Web Services API that I’m really excited about. That’ll be in the October 2009 issue and I’ll probably write some more about it for the December 2009 issue.

    We’re really looking forward to being back in Canada! Just as soon as we sell this house...

  • Asynchronous Agents

    Rick Molloy, one of the masterminds behind the new concurrency runtime (concrt) and parallel patterns library (PPL), has written an article in the latest issue of MSDN Magazine demonstrating the new asynchronous agents library with the classic dining philosophers problem.