Scaling the Cliffs to Scala

The legendary Castle of Scalability, wherein is reputedly housed the Holy Grail of Website Performability, awaits you!  Will you accept the challenge?  Will you take up this noble Quest? 

Recently, we have heard that the castle may be reached by scaling the high cliffs of Scala, one of the newest Object-Functional languages. Scala, like Fan, another new "scalability-oriented" language, has mutated significantly from Java, one of its prototypical influences.  From what I've seen through my binoculars, Scala code can sometimes seem pretty obfuscated, so make sure you are equipped for a certain cryptic mysticism as you begin your ascent.

Take A Tour of Scala and then have a look at what Sony Imageworks intends to do with it, reported in Sony Imageworks and Scala.

Scala is indeed a serious language, and this is a serious Quest!  Personally, I have already started along the path, but I must admit I'm taking the Fan with me to cool me down during the long climb!

 Good luck, Noble Coder!  May you reach the Castle of Scalability and claim the Coveted Prize!  I hear there is enough Performability up there for all of us!

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