Free Ebook: Mastering SQL Server 2005 Profiler

Hi all.

Check out this cool offer from Red-Gate.

Free eBook and 14-day trial for faster SQL Server troubleshooting.

You know what it's like as a DBA. You haven't got hours to unravel problems.

Ensure you have the knowledge and an intuitive tool to hand today to troubleshoot SQL Server health and activity issues, fast.

Free 'Mastering SQL Server 2005 Profiler' by Brad McGehee, DBA expert with over 12 years' experience

"By mastering Profiler, the exceptional DBA can track down and fix SQL Server performance and other problems quickly and efficiently, and even spot potential problems before they cause real difficulties."

Free 14-day trial of new Red Gate SQL Response for no-nonsense monitoring of the health and activity of your SQL Servers. Try out SQL Response now to experience a more proactive, focused approach to troubleshooting SQL Server problems.

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