[Bookmarklet] Copy text with links

Someone contacted me through my blog and asked if I knew of an IE Addin that would copy page text with expanded url's, so Google becomes [Google](www.google.com).

No, I didn't. So I wrote a quick bookmarklet that does it: Copy Page Text
It reads the page text (not the HTML, the text), expands out the URL's, and copies it to the clipboard. Just add it to your links toolbar or favorites in IE - much more info on installing Bookmarklets on this page - lots of good Bookmarklets there, too. Basically, they're Javascript functions (usually operating on the current document) that you bookmark, so you're effectively adding new features to the browser by adding a link.

Two other cool Bookmarklets I ran across:
Printable Link Footnotes
Grabs all URL's from a page and adds them as footnotes at the end of the page.
(source: http://www.kokogiak.com/gedankengang/gedanken_arch.asp#12012200393)

Sort Table
Makes all HTML table on a page sortable by all columns (doesn't seem to work on this page, but it works well on other pages I tried)
(source: http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/pagedata.html#sort_table)

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