ImageStack for Longhorn

Well, after a bit of time refactoring and ironing out some functionality issues, ImageStack for Longhorn Version A is on my downloads page (the file contains source code and binaries). This is an image browser that can be scrolled through with the mouse wheel, and zoomed with a mouse click.  Change folders with the “Get Image Stack“ button.


More screenshots here:

The same one, full size
Open Folder
Zoomed In

Any feedback is a good thing, as usual. The source code is fairly well documented, IMHO. There's a couple of caveats to still be worked out for version B, including a memory leak that I believe is either on the get filenames method, or the Canvas.RemoveRange method, and it should be used only on folders of about 15 or less images for now, but it works well, and is a pretty good display of animation.

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