Cool Video on Building Model-View-Presenter Mail app with CodeRush and Refactor Pro!

We just put up a really cool video showing how to build a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) mail app with CodeRush and Refactor Pro! for Visual Studio.

You get to see the step by step transformation and evolution of code for the MVP pattern and you get to see it happen pretty quickly and easily since it is being done with the help of CodeRush and Refactor Pro!

This started out when I convinced Kim to do a presentation at the September Israel Visual Basic User Group meeting.  Since he uses CodeRush and Refactor Pro! in his every day programming, he decided to show how quickly he could develop and refactor code to have it evolve.  He also wanted to develop something non-trival as his demo - so he decided on a simple email reader.

Since he was going to do this demo live and from scratch, he made sure to practice before the presentation.  One way he came up with to see how it looked was to record it and then watch the recording.   He enjoyed it so much, that he made some changes, added background music, and we decided to share it with the world.

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