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  • Serialize & Deserialize JSON Data

    Web Services with AJAX
    As most of you would already know, AJAX Extension allows you to create proxies to expose web services to be consumed by the Web Browsers. The mechanism for calling these service functions is completely asynchronous and allows you to specify two functions that will be called when the request complete successfully or error out. In addition to the parameter that you can pass to the service methods, you can also pass in a context parameter that will be available to both success and failure functions.

  • Maintain Browser History with AJAX

    Most of you out there would have noticed that browser history button doesn’t work if you are using AJAX. Instead of rolling forward or backward the AJAX step they actually move the complete page. This can be a nightmare for users that always tend to use them.

  • ASP.NET Performance Tips

    At times even after applying the best coding policies & practices you don’t get the desired level of performance you are hoping from your ASP.NET application. This is because there are number other very important factors that directly affect ASP.NET applications. To get the best out of any system requires detail architectural, design, coding and deployment considerations. The post lists few of some of the many performance tweaks that you can implement to boost up ASP.NET performance.