Thanks to Rod Paddock

I'd like to thank Rod Paddock for doing his Annual Canadian User Group World Tour again this year.  He spoke on Monday in Montreal, then Tuesday in Ottawa and finally Wednesday in Toronto.

The fun part was getting to Montreal.  Rod attended Mix08 in Las Vegas the week before and instead of flying home to Seattle then fly again to Montreal, he decided to fly from Vegas to Montreal. 

Rod'd original itinerary was to fly from:

  1. Las Vegas to Detroit
  2. Detroit to Montreal

Well, the North East was hit with a major snow storm so Rod final itinerary looked like this:

  1. Las Vegas to Detroit
  2. Detroit to New York
  3. Saying no to a 10 hours bus ride (+ 3 hours at customs) to Montreal
  4. New York to Detroit
  5. Detroit to Montreal

Thanks a lot Rod for really really wanting to do this tour!

BTW, Rod is a fantastic speaker and he is on the INETA's speakers bureau.  If you're an INETA user group, make sure to invite Rod at some point.