Two exciting announcements about SO-Aware

Today we are excited to have a major announcements about SO-Aware: Our Visual Studio plug-in and a preconfigured SO-Aware Virtual Image.

SO-Aware VPC

As Pablo announced last week, now you can download a virtual pc image with SO-Aware Express fully installed and configured. This image could be used by customers that are interested on testing SO-Aware without having to request specific hardware within their organizations. The VPC image is really small and can be downloaded from the following links.

SO-Aware Visual Studio plug-in

In order to enhance the development experience with SO-Aware, we've just made available a Visual Studio plug-in that allows client applications to generate a WCF service reference directly from SO-Aware!!!!!!

After you install the SO-Aware plug-in, you will find a new dialog item when you right click on a Visual Studio project.


When selecting that option, you will get a new dialog box to browse a specific instance of the SO-Aware repository and select the specific service version you would like to generate a proxy for. The SO-Aware dialog box is illustrated in the following figure.


What does this means? Well, in general, you can use WCF clients with 0 CONFIGURATION AND 0 EXTRA CODE!!!!! The experiencing for consuming a completely secured WCF service will be as simple as:


   1: private static void Test()
   2:       {
   3:           CRMServiceClient service = new CRMServiceClient();
   4:           var accounts= service.GetAccounts();
   5:       }

You can download the Visual Studio for SO-Aware as part of our SDK: . You can find more information about the plug-in in our product weblog:

I hope you enjoy this two new announcements. As always feel free to email us with your feedback.

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