Building the Mobile Enterprise Without Breaking the Bank

Enterprise Mobility is, arguably, the hottest trend in IT these days and WE ARE STILL DOING IT WRONG!.

The ability of building mobile applications that surface business capabilities is at the top of the list of most CIOs. However, a true enterprise mobility experience requires capabilities such as AD authentication, secure data sharing, application provisioning, device management, analytics and many others infrastructure elements that will make you mobile applications enterprise ready.

At this point, there is no good enterprise mobility solution in the market that provides all these capabilities without the need to installing expensive, proprietary, on-premise software that takes ridiculous amounts of effort and financial resources to deploy and enable.

So what should we do? How to enable a true enterprise mobility infrastructure in an agile manner without breaking the bank and losing your patience?

Next Wednesday, we (Tellago) will be hosting a webinar to discuss some of the lessons we have learned while implementing very large enterprise mobility solutions. We will take a look at the current market and explore the different enterprise mobility architecture and techniques, what works? What doesn’t? and where do we think the industry is heading. We will also spend sometime answering questions that you might have about your enterprise mobility experience.

 If you are interested, please register for the webinar at . We promise to keep it fun ;)

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