Page Inspector and Visual Studio 2012

In this post I will be looking into a new feature that has been added to theVS 2012 IDE. I am talking about Page Inspector that gives developers a very good/handy way to identify layout issues and to find out which part of server side code is responsible for that HTML snippet of code.

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This tool is integrated into the VS 2012 IDE.We can launch it in different ways.

1) We will create a new ASP.Net MVC application (an Internet application). I will not add any code.

2) In the Solution Explorer I choose my project and right-click. From the available options select View in Page Inspector

Have a look at the picture below.


 3) We can launch Page Inspector from the Standard Toolbar. Please have a look at the picture below.



4) Let's view our application with Page Inspector. First I inspect the About link-menu.I can see very quickly the HTML that is rendering for that link to appear. I also see the server side code (the actual view, _Layout.cshtml) that is responsible for that link. This is something developers always craved for. We can also see the CSS styles that are used to style this link (About).

Have a look at the picture below


Obviously there are similar tools that I have been using in the past when I wanted to change a part of the HTML or see what piece of CSS code affects my layout. I used Firebug when viewing my web applications in the Firefox browser. Internet Explorer and Chrome have also great similar tools that help web developers to identify issues with a site's appearance/issues.

Please bear in mind that Page Inspector works with all forms of the ASP.Net stack e.g Web Forms,Web Pages.

Hope it helps!!!!!

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