• wow, that's very nice! when i got the time, i will also create my own outlook today :)

    nice job!

  • Nice, but it would be really nice if you used for example Cassini or Bart De Smet's solution for hosting ASP.NET pages (based on Cassini) instead of PHP ;)...

  • Very nice, I will try to do this for my own outlook.

    Just some remarks ;-) :

    - When using this with Outlook 2000 SP3, you can't modify my outlook today anymore. You have to change a value in the registry.

    - The technology you use is called "Digital Dashboard". Although you can use this in Outlook 2003, it's the old way. MS has now Portal Server which you can use to modify your Outlook. This because with Digital Dashboard, you have to know HTML and you have to change everything with scripting. But OK, for private use Digital Dashboard is very usefull because otherwise you need to install portal server. But in company environments more and more they will use portal server for the modifications.

  • Dat dutch rest in english,

    minor mistake :p

  • Just what i was looking for. Thanks mate.

    Btw, what theme are you using in your screen shot?

  • How do I know which additional datafields are available ?

    You are using some of them like datafld="Name"....

    Thanks & regards


  • I have been using a customized outlook for a while, and am interested in customizing it further. Do you know how I can have it list the email that is sitting in my inbox? I know it would take adding a new databind, but it would be helpfull to not have to go to my inbox when i got a new email.

  • Kevin, you can add the following in your html...

    <OBJECT classid=CLSID:0006F063-0000-0000-C000-000000000046




     <param name="Namespace" value="MAPI">

     <param name="Folder" value="Inbox">

     <param name="Restriction" value="">

     <param name="DeferUpdate" value="0">


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