Just like riding a bike

After over a year of not touching any Microsoft development platform code this week I helped a friend with a GDI+ issue and hacked some .asp together. It's amazing, the classic ASP just flowed. Comfortable as an old shoe. .NET? It was all strangely familiar and unfamiliar at once. I co-authored two books on GDI+ with C# but could I write more than a line of code without swearing? Could I bugger.

On the LAMP side things are going pretty swimmingly, in fact the waters so warm I am over in the deep end with my goggles on. Loving it. Not bad for someone who said he was going to give up programming. Never say never :) I am now truly platform agnostic though, I have my Windows, LAMP and now even a Mac. Pretty sweet and they all play nice together too.

I might have a go at using Mono on my Mac ...



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