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Plip has pipped me to blogging and posting his photographs but I thought I would let you know about DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper3 anyway!

IMG_2557It was a great day, and in my opinion a massive success. Apparently the event was fully subscribed only 10 days after first announcement, and there was a waiting list, with only word of mouth advertising.

IMG_2526Of course within minutes of turning up I had been told off. Plip had given me a burgundy t-shirt to wear, not one of the posh polo-type (I wasn't one of the organisers or a speaker) even so I was pleased to be part of the purple-shirt-gang. I thought I would wear it under the shirt I was already wearing. That is when I got told to either wear it properly or not at all - naughty me!

THE Phil and Dave show It wasn't just about hanging out with geeks and consuming massive amounts of coffee, cookies, pastries and other assorted goodies, there was hard-core code and info too. Most entertaining was when I witnessed Phil and Dave "improv" a talk on tiered ASP.NET applications that was very well received. I have to thank the two other informative sessions I sat in on, one on NHybernate and another on the cool AJAX toys ("Atlas"), for re-invigorating my interest in all things .NET.

Was well worth the trip and no doubt I will be amongst the first to sign up for the next one! Great stuff guys, you should be proud.  

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