NuDoc: A .NET XML API Documentation Reader

A couple days ago I was toying with the idea of generating a static API documentation site in markdown ready for hosting in GitHub. The idea is to make it part of the project wiki, so that anyone can very easily improve the code documentation, and later on somehow allow project authors/contributors to merge back the edited markdown as XML documentation in the code itself, so that the cycle is closed.

So I set out to spike the idea, and the first thing I encountered was that reading XML documentation was something that you either had to do by just using XML APIs in .NET, or you had to use some big piece of software that not only reads documentation but it also can generate an entire site already, in multiple formats with plugins and formatters and what-not. There was no middle ground.

So, instead of building my XML doc <-> markdown wiki synchronizer, I first had to build a simple XML documentation readingĀ  API :). Straight from the NuDoc site:...

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