How To Temporarily Disable The Touch Screen In X1 Carbon

I know, why would anyone want to do that?

Scott properly predicted:

Don't knock a touchscreen until you've used one. Every laptop should (and will) have a touch screen in a year. Mark my words.

And surely, less than a year later, the X1 Carbon (an amazing ultrabook for sure) has a touch model. And as of today, the price difference for the touch screen is a ridiculous $30 (actually $24 with a “back to school” coupon right now ;)):


So why would you NOT get it?

I know for some it works great. Now, let’s get real about touch *for a developer* for a minute. About 99.9% of my time in front of my laptop I’m either using Visual Studio or Chrome. I have my hands on the keyboard ALL THE TIME. I use the trackpoint ALL THE TIME. If I want to scroll, I only have to slightly move my fingers. I don’t click around much on pages: I READ them. So, in a few months of using the X1, I think I touched the screen like 10 times, and it was mostly to clear dust, which drives whatever app is in focus crazy. Plus, at home I have this simple setup:...

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