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  • When Not-True Doesn’t Equal False

    Tags: C#, Bug Patterns

    There is a strangely common, reoccurring bug I’ve seen return, again and again, in most projects I’ve worked on in recent years. I call it the “Not True != False” bug, and it crops up, usually, when … more

  • Attaching on Startup

    Here’s a neat trick I stumbled onto that can make life a lot easier – in our development workstations, certainly, and even in a pinch on staging and testing machines: How many times have you wished … more

  • האם עוד צריך את VB.NET לתכנת מול אופיס?

    עברו כמה שנים מאז שעבדתי עם Visual Basic.NET, והייתי בטוח שבימינו, ב-2013, נגמרו כבר הויכוחים של “איזו שפה יותר טובה”. שתיהן שפות עם יכולות דומות, והבחירה ביניהן היא בעיקר העדפה סגנונית. אבל מידי פעם … more

  • ArcGIS–Getting the Legend Labels out

    Tags: ArcGIS, C#, ESRI, GIS, WPF

    Working with ESRI’s ArcGIS package, especially the WPF API, can be confusing. There’s the REST API, the SOAP APIs, and the WPF classes themselves, which expose some web service calls and information, … more

  • WPF: Snooping Attached Properties

    Tags: Binding, Snoop, WPF

    When developing WPF applications, Snoop is a wonderful tool that can let us see our visual tree at runtime, and find errors in data binding that are otherwise hard to track down in debugging. However, … more