PEX - Let Me Fix Your Code [JorDev User Group]

 Hello .NET Heroes,

 This is my session on Microsoft PEX that I gave on JorDev User Group (Jordan .NET User Group), and for those who do not know What JorDev is? it is simply one of the biggest .NET User Group in Middle East.

Location : MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center)

 Time : 6:25PM Wednesday, October 28th 2009

I was wondered before if there a kind of tool that check my code in few clicks, just like the spell checker of our word documents! 

PEX is a Microsoft Research Project that help you to understand the behavior of .NET code, debugging issue and generating test cases for free.

You can view that playlist of the session from JorDev You Tube Channel 

 Or you can view it right away from the below videos.

The session was in Arabic, I am planing to translate it into English, but PEX team said that keep it in Arabic because it will target the Arabic speakers.

The session also posted on Microsoft Reseach - PEX home page

 You can download the presentation slides from here , or from the attachment link at the bottom of the article.

Note : Part1 is a brief introduction on Unit Testing, so if you want to see PEX directly, you can start from Part2


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


I Hope Some One Will Find It Use Full.


~ Abdulla AbdelHaq

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