Evaluating the updated MSF Agile Process Template

First of all – you can download it here.  You will get a zip file that contains a process template definition that can be imported into Team System.  

I installed it and created a new Team System project based on it and here is what I’ve noticed right off the bat (I haven’t done an XML Diff on the files to know exactly what has changed yet):

1.  Barry will be happy to know that there is a Risk work item type now

2.  The fields have been re-arranged to make the fields fit much better

3.  There is a nice big description field on the primary tab for each of the work items now

4.  The work item fields better match their definitions in the MSF for Agile Software Development process guidance

5.  I don’t see any new reports – I count 13.  Perhaps the reports have been updated.

6.  I don’t see any real changes to the Sharepoint docs or to the structure of the document libraries

7.  I didn’t see any new work item queries – not even one for “All Risks” or something to address the new work item type


  • Its time to start using the MSF!

    i am going to adopet it in my next project.

  • I was wondering, when will the task item have the following:

    Start Date Time

    Finish Date Time



    I believe these are mandetory for any task item. Also these need to be properly mapped to MS Project. I had to do all these mapping manually in order to see the date and time decided for each task from MS Project.


    Omar AL Zabir


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