Another .NET TDD Developer opening at Thycotic!

Eric is doing it, so it must work! :-)

We are looking for a highly skilled, motivated .NET software developer to join our growing consulting team.  We are a unique employer since we build software in a way that makes developers and clients happy - a way that actually works!  (The Thycotic Approach)

Requirements for this position include:

  • You live, breathe, sleep, eat and drink code (preferably of the C# or VB.NET flavor)
  • You want to develop using Test Driven Development (yes, that is *ALL* we do!)
  • You enjoy or are prepared to try Pair Programming
  • You have a good understanding of Object Oriented principles, the .NET Framework, relational databases and web application development
  • You have permanent legal right to work in the United States
  • You have excellent written and spoken English
  • You are willing to work in the Washington DC Metro Area (and not Champaign, Illinois! :))

Preferred but not absolutely required:

  • You have strong experience with ASP.NET and ASP.NET Web Services
  • You are very familiar with Microsoft SQL Server - stored procedures, triggers, functions and general SQL
  • You want to be involved in the wider development community including blogging, articles and presentations
  • You have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Intangible criteria:

  • Prepared to do what it takes to deliver value to the client
  • Work with others in an environment that encourages new ideas and improvement

About Thycotic:

Thycotic is a developer-minded consulting company operating in the Washington DC area.  The company is a leader in agile techniques on the Microsoft .NET platform including Test Driven Development and Extreme Programming.  We continually deliver successful projects that are on time and on budget to happy customers while developers maintain sensible hours, vacation schedules and drink lots of FREE soda.  Thycotic also offers opportunities to perform training and work on our own software products.  Stop reading about TDD and come join Thycotic to practice it!

The position carries a very competitive salary based on skills and experience.  It also includes an annual incentive bonus based on mutual goals.  The benefits include healthcare, retirement and generous vacation and conference time.  Thycotic always looks to provide the optimal working experience (however possible) to retain the most talented developers.

Please send your resume and a brief summary explaining your interest in TDD and Thycotic to

(Sorry, no visas or sponsorship available)

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  • Man, sounds awesome...I need to get out of this "we're Microsoft Certified Solutions Providers but we still like to use un-typed DataSets for 'Enterprise Solutions'" workspace.

    Too bad I'm in Jersey >.< 'doh!

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